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Become a Volunteer

The Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department (SCVFD) is actively recruiting individuals who wish to serve the community of Spring Creek in the capacity of firefighters and/or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Men and women ages 18 and older that are in good physical condition and have the desire to participate in fire and/or emergency medical activities are eligible for membership. There are different levels of membership classifications. These are determined by certifications obtained through various training programs.

Those persons who do not have the desire to participate in emergency activities, or who do not meet the physical requirements for active membership, are encouraged to enter the department as an Auxiliary Member. These members contribute in the areas of fundraising, public relations, public education, and administrative assistance.

Volunteering in the fire department is a unique experience that can be as rewarding and educational as you choose to make it. Motivation, dedication and professionalism are qualities that successful volunteers must possess. Members of the SCVFD not only possess these qualities, but are continuously seeking to further their knowledge and skills as well.

The personal rewards and satisfaction received from the volunteer fire service are beyond description. There is a sense of accomplishment after controlling a building fire, joy when a rescue is made, compassion for accident victims, and pride in teaching fire safety. In addition to a desire to help people, you also need dedication, assertiveness, and a willingness to face new challenges. Often our members are called on to perform hot, sweaty, strenuous work, sometimes in hazardous conditions.

So, are you interested in joining the SCVFD? If so, please download the Job Description and complete an Application. Return your application to the Elko County Human Services Department. Again, thank you for your interest in the SCVFD.